• 1967 Our school was given permission to be established in May of this year.
  • 1968 It officially opened in 1968 and named “China Junior College of Technology".
  • 1994 It was renamed to “China Junior College of Technology and Commerce".
  • 1998 It expanded Continuing Education into a 2-year program.
  • 1999 The school was upgraded to a college and renamed “China Institute of Technology". The Evening School was renamed to “Division of Continuing Education".
  • 2000 The “Affiliated Institute of Continuing Education" was established.
  • 2003 The "Hsin Chu Campus" was established.
  • 2006 The school administration’s performance was given the highest rank.
  • 2009 As a result of the inspecton made by the Ministry of Education, the name of the school change to the “China University of Science and Technology ".
  • 2011 The school administration’s performance was given the highest rank.
  • 2012 The "Yun Lin Campus" (Operations Center for Industry Collaboration and Student Internship ) was established.


At CUST we have a numbers of divisions:"Day Division", "Division of Continuing Education", "Affiliated Institute of Continuing Education" and "Aviation Maintenance Education Center". We also now have 18 departments and 8 graduate schools. Our school is organized of four colleges(College of Engineering, College of Commerce and Management, College of Health Science and Technology, and College of Aviation).

Educational Aims

  • Cultivate students well-trained in technology & management fields.
  • Implement a well-rounded education for both moral and intellectual development.
  • Foster「Honesty, Justice, Lawfulness and Innovation」and promote Chinese culture.

School Features

  • Strengthening basic courses, with emphasis on professional and fundamental skills development and offering varied learning channels.
  • Developing an E-learning mechanism and offering various types of teaching assistance on-line.
  • Promoting an international vision and offering scholarships for students to participate in the dual diploma, student exchange and tour study programs.
  • Inviting the related industries to participate in the planning of the standard courses to develop practical and applications oriented programs.
  • Offering training courses for obtaining certificates, establishing certification examination and learning centers, and offering rewards and subsidies for obtaining certificates.
  • Being the first Asian institute that has passed the European Union's certification in aircraft maintenance and the only school that has obtained authorization from the Civil Aeronautics Administration to conduct examinations of certification.
  • Having obtained significant achievement in industrial academic cooperation and being recognized as a school of excellent performance by Chinese Institute of Engineers.

Foreign Students Admission 2014

Application for Admission
  1. Application for Admission

    Applicants are those who do not have the citizenship of the Republic of China as defined in Article 2. However, this does not apply to those who are ex -ROC citizens and have abjured the ROC citizenship for at least eight years. Prerequisites for applications for the four-year college programs include a senior high school diploma and sufficient proficiency in the four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing of the Chinese language with a recommendation from a Chinese teacher. Applicants who possess a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply to study in a master’s program.

  2. Semester of Admission

    First semester, the academic year 2014 (September, 2014)

  3. Length of Study
    • Bachelor programs: 4 to 6 years.
    • Master programs: 2 to 4 years.
  4. Application
    1. Time period: February 1 to June 30, 2014
    2. Application submission:Send application materials by registered mail before the deadline to the Office of Academic Affairs, China University of Science and Technology (CUST) at 245 Academia Rd., Sec. 3, Nangang District, Taipei City 11581, Taiwan, R.O.C.
    3. Application Fee:
      1. NT$ 1,000 (US$ 35)
      2. Payment
        1. Money order through the ROC Post Office remittance service Account Name: China University of Science and Technology.
        2. Money order through other countries: Send with the application form and pay to China University of Science and Technology.
Documents and Materials Required
  1. 2 copies of application form(As in Attachment I)
  2. Two 2-inch bust photos attached to the application forms
  3. 2 copies of the diploma of the highest academic degree obtained and the academic transcripts with both Chinese and English translation, verified by ROC embassies, representative offices abroad or other organizations authorized by the ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. 2 letters of recommendation (including one from a Chinese teacher and states the English and Chinese abilities of the applicant)
  5. Study proposal in both Chinese or English
  6. A Financial statement issued by a bank and notarized by a ROC representative office abroad indicating sufficient funding for studying in Taiwan
  7. Application Fee (Receipt of ROC Post Office remittance or money order)
  8. Other documents required by the related departments and colleges
  9. A copy of passport or ID
  10. A self-addressed envelope for delivery of the notification of admission.

※Telephone number and email address must be clearly indicated on the application form.

※Application documents submitted will not be returned.

Important Regulations
  1. The regulations concerning admission of foreign students to CUST are conducted in compliance with Ordinance No. 0920086971 approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) on June 13, 2003.
  2. Foreign students admitted to CUST shall be revoked of their admission and/or dismissed from CUST if any of the following terms is found :
    1. The applicants are either overseas Chinese or foreigners who also possess ROC citizenship.
    2. The Applicants are ex -ROC citizens and have abjured the ROC citizenship for less than eight years.
    3. The applicants are foreign students admitted to an ROC college or university but later dismissed by the college or university.
  3. Foreign students requesting to delay their semester/year of enrollment, wanting a school transfer, department transfer (school, section), leave of absence, expulsion and other evaluations of degree status, academic record and conduct record shall comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  4. The applicants can apply for admission to only one department/institute.
  5. Diplomas and transcripts issued by schools overseas are subject to review in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s Guidelines For Verification and Recognition of Foreign Educational Qualification.
  6. Applicants should possess basic skills in Chinese or English. Wherever required by the related department/graduate institute, the applicants should submit the scores of a Chinese language proficiency test or take additional Chinese courses after being fully admitted.
  7. Students who have completed the application shall by no means request to change the department/college or program applied for, or ask for a refund of the application fees.
  8. All the information provided and the documents submitted for application of admission must be authentic. Breaking this rule would result in immediate cancellation of the applicants’ admission or the deprivation of the applicants’ recognized status as a CUST registered student.
Programs Open to Foreign Students in 2014
School / Department Classification
Graduate School (Master’s Programs) Graduate School of Optomechatronics Engineering
Graduate School of Electronic Engineering Engineering
Graduate School of Civil and Disaster Prevention Engineering Engineering
Graduate School of Architeture Engineering
Graduate School of Business and Management Commerce and Management
Graduate School of Health Science and Technology Health Science and Technology
Graduate School of Air Transportation Aviation (Hsin Chu Campus)
Graduate School of Aircraft System Engineering Aviation (Hsin Chu Campus)
College of Commerce and Management Department of Business Administration Commerce and Management
Department of Information Management Commerce and Management
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Commerce and Management
Department of International Business Commerce and Management
Department of Finance Commerce and Management
College of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering Engineering
Department of Electronic Engineering Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering Engineering
Department of Architecture Engineering
College of Health Science and Technology Department of Food Science Health Science and Technology
Department of Biological Science and Technology Health Science and Technology
Department of Food and Beverage Management Health Science and Technology
College of Aviation (Hsin Chu Campus) Department of Aviation Mechanical Engineering Aviation (Hsin Chu Campus)
Department of Avionics Aviation (Hsin Chu Campus)
Department of Aviation Services and Management Aviation (Hsin Chu Campus)
  1. The number of students allowed to enter each school/department varies with the available vacancy.
  2. Students can take additional Chinese courses if needed